Fourteen Year Old Gang-Raped by Africans in Norway

Norwegian girl
by James Buchanan

An article on Western Voices News reports: “A 14-year-old girl in Trondheim took her own life after being assaulted and raped by three teenage boys. Only four weeks after she reported the rape at Kristiansten fortress, the ninth grader could not bear to live any longer. The girl’s mother believes the group rape is the direct cause of why her daughter chose to take her life two weeks ago: ‘This shows how brutal consequences of such a serious crime can get,’ said her mother through her daughter’s counsel, Sigrun Dybvad. Her mother has consented to the Adresseavisen’s mentioning the tragic incident, and she has provided information to the case. The incident has shaken many in Trondheim. Address newspaper has in recent days received emails and phone calls from desperate and upset parents. Over 1300 people have joined in a memorial group for 14-year-old online community Facebook. …245 people (showed) up to say goodbye when she was buried in the Lutheran Free Church. Police in Trondheim (are) worried after five unsolved assault rapes…. In three of the five cases, (there were) several perpetrators, all of which are described as African or Middle Eastern men. Police believe that the rapes have been planned in advance.”

Pretty Norwegian girl never got a chance to live thanks to liberals and Africans.

This death should be placed squarely on the shoulders of all the liberals and socialists in Norway. These fools have betrayed their country and allowed their homeland to be invaded by dangerous Third World people, whose only interest in Norway is its welfare system.

The United States has had 146 years of experience trying to live with Africans. They impose a gigantic tax burden while producing very little despite their large population. America has had 40 years of racial quotas, that gave Blacks preferential admission to universities and a first choice of jobs. These racial quotas have done nothing except to introduce an incompetent quota-hire population at every American corporation and these quotas have STOLEN millions of jobs, promotions and college entry slots from better qualified Whites.

And there is the crime. Blacks commit at least half the rapes in the US even though they make up only 12.6 percent of the population. If any of the proud arrogant liberals, who changed Norway’s immigration laws, had taken the time to visit the bad neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Detroit, they would have quickly realized what a horrendous idea it is to import large numbers of these people into their homeland.

Now a once innocent Norwegian girl lays dead, the victim of liberal politicians just as much as their African collaborators, who carried out the gang rape. This is what liberals have done for Norway. These liberals deserve to be damned and forsaken by all sane White people, not just in Norway, but in all White nations that are plagued by their insane immigration polices and the horrible crimes that result.

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