Set Up Sanctuaries in the Third World for So-Called Refugees

Illegal Invasion

by James Buchanan

For years, the “solution” to Third World refugees claiming to be victims of political persecution has been to let them into prosperous nations, where a large percentage immediately sign up for welfare, free housing and a variety of other benefits.

How about adopting a new policy in which asylum seekers can only make “lateral” moves in terms of national prosperity? For example, an Asylum seeker from Uganda could move to Nigeria, but NOT to England or France.

To ensure that there are countries around the world willing to accept asylum seekers, the prosperous nations of the world could pay several Third World nations to accept political Asylum seekers.

This would accomplish two things: 1). Real Asylum seekers, whose lives actually were in danger would be able to escape the danger and 2). the welfare services and housing in advanced nations would no longer be overloaded with needy Third World people.

If the real goal of the Asylum movement is to protect lives, this plan should be adopted by the advanced nations of the world.

Once it became known that cries for “Asylum” no longer would be rewarded with a lavish hand out program, the number of Asylum seekers would likely drop by over 99 percent.


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