Nobody Cares, Hillary

Hillary Clinton

by Jeff Davis

One encouraging sign in the world of politics is that we finally seem to be getting a bellyful of the Sea Hag. In addition, she seems to be losing a fair degree of her liberal media protection.

An article from the New York Times reports: “Sales of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new memoir, Hard Choices, declined 43.5 percent to 48,000 copies in its second week on the shelves, according to Nielsen BookScan. The sales figures put pressure on the publisher, Simon & Schuster, which paid Mrs. Clinton a multimillion-dollar advance to write about her time at the State Department and has invested heavily in the book’s rollout, one of the biggest of the year.”

It looks like they’ll lose money on this pointless and self-serving screed. I always wonder who in his right mind would even buy a book from the likes of Hillary. It’s unlikely to contain anything other than pro-Hillary spin and a massive distortion of historical events. Then again, some liberals will believe anything –even that comment about Hillary being “broke” when she left the White House.

The article notes “About 85,000 copies were sold in the week after the book’s June 10 release, according to BookScan, a subscription service that tracks sales at over 80 percent of book vendors in the United States. Those figures do not include e-books, which increased sales by about 15 percent, to roughly 100,000 electronic and hardcover copies.”

Let me tell you, that’s nothing in a country of 312 million people. It’s the equivalent of one enormous national yawn.

The article continues “First-week sales typically account for about 30 percent of the total, thanks to the publicity blitzes that accompany publishers’ biggest releases. That means Hard Choices could fall far short of the one million copies that Simon & Schuster shipped to bookstores, industry executives said. (Publishers sell books on consignment and must take back copies that do not sell in the stores.) The second-week figures also increase the likelihood that Simon & Schuster will not sell enough books to make up for Mrs. Clinton’s advance, said a publishing executive who did not want to speak on the record about a competitor’s book.”


The bloom is definitely off the Rose Law Firm and Hillary’s political career. Hillary even looks bad, far more ancient than her 66 years. In her younger days with her bleach-blond hair, Hillary was a much more viable political figure, but having to wait eight years after Obama “cut in line” in front of her, has pretty much wrecked her political career. Rush Limbaugh is right that Americans really don’t want a liberal Grandma Moses up front for the next eight years, presenting the image of the country, and then there’s her tyrannical controlling personality, her lengthy enemies list, the Clinton Body Count and her far-left politics. If the Democrats run this old leftist retread, that’s fine with me; I just hope the Republican candidate has something going for him this time.

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