Half-Asian, who Hated Blondes, Goes on Shooting Spree Near Santa Barbara, 7 Dead

by James Buchanan

A news report from May 24th reported “Police say seven people are dead and another seven injured after a series of drive-by shootings near UC Santa Barbara last night, reports KEYT-TV. Police are still unraveling what happened during the 10-minute rampage in the Isla Vista neighborhood, but they say the suspect is among the dead. Witnesses reported seeing a black BMW speeding around spraying bullets at multiple locations, beginning about 9:30pm, reports AP. The Santa Barbara County sheriff said the driver exchanged fire with deputies before crashing into a parked car, and was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head.”

What the initial reporting didn’t tell you was that the shooter, Elliot Rodger was half-Asian, who made a number of videos in which he professed his hatred for blondes, who would not go out with him. He went on a stabbing and shooting spree that left six people dead and several injured before shooting himself in the head.

Another news article reports “Family lawyer Alan Shifman called Rodger a ‘highly functional Asperger’s Syndrome child’ who had received treatment from ‘multiple’ professionals and said that the student’s parents had called police weeks ago to report online videos ‘regarding suicide and the killing of people.’ Police followed up with a visit.”

When someone starts posting videos about suicidal thoughts and/or killing people, perhaps it’s time to have that person checked into a mental asylum and to have police take away that person’s guns. I strongly support the Second Amendment, but not for mentally ill people like Elliot Rodger, Adam Lanza or various other lunatics who went on to mass shootings.

We should not let the liberals spin this latest incident into an anti-gun talking point. The real issue here was a half-Asian with a mental illness, who did not fit into a White society. This was a failure of the liberals’ multi-cultural society and a failure of our society to deal properly with someone mentally ill.

Decades ago, the ACLU fought to release mentally ill people from insane asylums and mental institutions, which quickly led to a flood of homeless people all across America. The liberal ACLU is to blame for the lunatics wandering our streets, who occasionally attack innocent people.

On top of all this, the liberal state government and liberal authorities on the county-level in California are dragging their feet to comply with a federal court-order to allow people in California to have the Right to carry concealed weapons for self-defense. If just one of Elliot Rodger’s victims had been armed or even someone standing on the street, who saw what he was doing, the shooting spree could have been stopped earlier and lives could have been saved.

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