Indian Doctor, who caused 87 Deaths, Could be Malpracticing in US or Australia again soon

Jayant Patel

by James Buchanan

When I read that Jayant Patel had been arrested by Australian authorities after causing the deaths of several patients in Australia, I was hoping that was the end of the story. Surely he would get a criminal sentence and lose his license. Well, guess what? He’s been set loose to kill again!!

One article notes “Patel was director of surgery at Queensland’s regional Bundaberg Hospital in 2003-04, despite negligence findings against him in the two U.S. states that resulted in restrictions on his U.S. medical license. Patel left Australia in March, 2005. His whereabouts are unknown… Bundaberg Hospital’s head intensive care nurse, Toni Hoffman, told the inquiry in the city of Brisbane on Tuesday that hospital staff had tried to hide patients from Patel, whom they nicknamed ‘Dr. Death’ because of his botched surgeries. ‘All the nurses in intensive care were seeing these patients dying every day and we couldn’t do anything,’ Hoffman told the inquiry according to transcripts available on Wednesday. ‘We’d taken to hiding patients. We just thought ‘What on earth can we do to stop this man,’ she said.”

Patel had fled to the US one step ahead of the law. Australia sent out an extradition request.

A Wikipedia article reports “Jayant Patel was arrested 11 March 2008 by FBI agents.[12] He appeared in court that day with a court-appointed attorney, telling Federal Magistrate Dennis Hubel that he was unable to afford a lawyer, after incurring significant pre-trial legal fees. In response, the Magistrate ordered Patel, who lives in a $900,000 house, to fill out a financial affidavit before an upcoming detention hearing. Following his arrest, Toni Hoffman, the nurse who took her complaints about Patel to a member of the Parliament of Australia, said that “I am relieved he’s been arrested, but there’s still a lot to go.” Patel denied the allegations. The extradition proceeding against Patel began April 2008.[13] Patel was denied bail by Judge Hebel on 28 June 2008, with the judge warning Australian and US authorities that they must extradite Patel by 21 July 2008, or he would release Patel on bail.”

“Patel was extradited: US Marshals handed Patel over to two officers from the Queensland Police Service at Los Angeles Airport on 19 July, who then escorted him on board Qantas flight QF 176.[14] The flight arrived at Brisbane Airport on the morning of 21 July.[15] Patel was taken immediately to the Brisbane watch-house and was granted bail by the Roma Street Magistrates Court the same day.[16]”

“Patel was tried in the Queensland Supreme Court for the unlawful killing of three patients, and grievous bodily harm to a fourth.[17] He pleaded not guilty to all charges.[18]”

“On 29 June 2010, Jayant Patel was found guilty of all four charges.[19] On 1 July he was sentenced to seven years’ jail for his offences.”

In a sane world, you’d think that would be the end of it. Various hospitals and HMOs in the US and Australia made the mistake of hiring this swarthy Third World doctor, who butchered as many as 87 people. An NBC article reports “Dr. Jayant Patel was allowed to practice medicine in Australia despite having been cited for gross negligence in two U.S. states… A doctor turned off a woman’s life support ventilator in an Australian hospital because the director of surgery, dubbed ‘Dr. Death,’ [Jayant Patel] wanted her bed to operate on another patient, an investigation finds. The surgeon, Jayant ‘Jay’ Patel, 56, is the subject of an official inquiry in the Australian state of Queensland examining why the doctor was permitted to practice medicine in 2003 despite a nearly 20-year history of criticism and sanctions imposed by medical authorities in Oregon and New York as a result of his work practices.”

There’s a very easy explanation for why this Third World butcher was allowed to practice medicine again and again: Corporate cheapness. Big medical corporations want to pretend that Indian and other Third World doctors are “just as good” as White doctors, who went through medical school in White nations. The same thing is happening in the software field where the White software engineers, who helped build corporations like MicroSoft are pushed aside for wanting too much money and replaced with cheap Hindu bunglers who produce horrific, bug-infested software like Vista.

The medical world however is betting its financial future on using cheap Third World “doctors” no matter how murky their resumes may be.

The government of Australia played a major role in letting Jayant Patel into their country to malpractice medicine. A simple review of his record in New York and Oregon should have set off alarm bells, but apparently cheapness trumped ANY attempts to protect Australians from a walking disaster like Patel.

The Wikipedia article notes “Patel appealed his conviction and sentence to the Court of Appeal, and the prosecution also appealed sentence. Both appeals were dismissed.”

“Patel then appealed the Court of Appeal’s decision to the High Court of Australia, and was granted special leave to appeal.[21] On 24 August 2012, the High Court unanimously allowed the appeal and quashed Patel’s convictions on the ground that prejudicial evidence had likely influenced the jury.[22] The Court also ordered a retrial.”

“The following year, a retrial was held for one of the manslaughter charges, however Patel was acquitted by the jury.[20] This resulted in calls to have the remaining charges against Patel dropped.[23] The remaining manslaughter and grievous bodily harm charges were later dropped in exchange for Patel pleading guilty to two counts related to him dishonestly gaining registration and two counts related to dishonestly gaining employment in Queensland.[24] Patel was sentenced to a two year suspended sentence for those fraud charges.”

So Patel was retried on just one of those manslaughter charges –after the Court ordered that certain evidence be withheld from the jury- and then, because he was able to wriggle loose on that charge, the court arbitrarily drops the three other manslaughter charges against him.

Wasn’t each manslaughter charge a specific example of incompetence that needs to be reviewed on its own? How the heck did he escape a manslaughter charge for pulling the plug on a patient just so he could free up a bed for surgery?

The case of Jayant Patel isn’t just some isolated incident. The US and Australian governments are planning to use an army of bungling incompetents much like Patel for their state-sponsored health care systems. They are going to do this to bring down costs, and that means they are going to look the other way when patients start dying left and right due to gross incompetence on the part of the Third World doctors.

This should be a HUGE red flag alerting White people in Australia and the US that the quality of our health care is about to take a nose dive, but it seems that no one is paying attention. In fact, Dr. Jayant Patel still has his medical license and he could soon be taking care of your elderly relatives either in Australia or the US. This is the future of medicine in White nations thanks to corrupt politicians and an increased patient load caused by illegal immigration.

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