Fraud, Tax Evasion and Illegal Organ Trafficking

Jewish criminal

by Ian Mosley

An article from reports “A haredi man who operated a Klausenberg-Sanz hasidic charity as an illegal bank used by depositors to launder money, evade taxes and commit other crimes has pleaded guilty. Thirty-three year old Moshe David Schwartz admitted that he ran the Gemach Shefa Chaim (GSC) as a bank, accepting millions of dollars in illegal deposits – including nearly $1 million of his own money – and hid those deposits from state and federal regulators.”

“Schwartz admitted having more than 350 client accounts as of July 2009. He also admitted giving fraudulent information to his tax preparer and reporting his 2007 income as $24,475 when it was actually approximately $208,845. Schwartz admitted that caused a $74,889 tax loss for the government.

“Schwartz could get as much as five years in prison for the banking offense and as much as three years in prison on a related tax offense, along with a fine of up to $250,000 for each charge. He is scheduled to be sentenced on July 30, 2014.”

“Gemach Shefa Chaim was supposed to provide interest-free loans to members of the Klausenberg-Sanz community in Union City, New Jersey. Schwartz and Gemach Shefa Chaim were caught in “Operation Bid Rig III” corruption sting, also known as the Solomon Dwek affair, that also snared more than 40 public officials, eight haredi rabbis, and others. Many of the rabbis pleaded guilty to money laundering. One was snared in an organ trafficking scheme.”

Remember that story from way back when Jews were caught reselling human organs for transplant which had been “harvested” from Palestinians in the West Bank. A newspaper in Sweden reported that story and the Jews threw a fit demanding that the story be taken down.

This is actually a great website, which is run by a Jew who is not afraid to call out his fellow tribesmen while all the other news media stays silent. Only a Jew could get away with this kind of “anti-Semitism.” I especially liked the story exposing the loathsome Rubashkin family, who took over the small town of Postville, Iowa in order to make it into one big kosher slaughterhouse with tame Goyim as kind of industrial serfs, like something out of the 19th century. They got nailed when somebody secretly made a video of what they were actually doing to the unfortunate animals there.

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