Another American Killed by a Mexican Drunk Driver


by Jeff Davis

There’s a tendency in the pro-White “press” to focus on the brutal murders of White people by Blacks and Latinos. Many murders involve sexual assaults or random shootings.

A great many White people however are crippled or killed by drunk-driving Mexicans and Blacks. The latest story is a short item with very minor coverage. The sort of “throw-away story” newspapers used to use as filler, back in the day when there were newspapers.

CBS reports from Philadelphia: “(A) 27-year-old owner of a pickup truck… (is suspected of striking and killing) a Wissinoming woman on September 29th. He allegedly reported the vehicle stolen in an apparent effort to cover up the crime. Police have charged Angel Roque of Devereaux Street with a long list of offenses including driving under the influence and vehicular homicide.”

“According to police, Roque ran down 46-year-old Joyce Kenny while she was crossing the intersection of Torresdale Avenue near Fraley Street. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Witnesses say he never stopped; instead, he sped off. Police say he then abandoned the damaged truck several blocks away, at Milnor and Comly Streets. Investigators say he smashed the truck’s window and called police to report the vehicle stolen.”

They don’t mention whether or not this Mexican was in the country illegally as if that makes any real difference. Mexicans seem to have a serious drunk driving problem whether they’re legal or illegal.

So Joyce Kenny is dead. No word on the family she left behind, no comment on who she was. So what will be done with “Angel?” Will he by any chance be sent back to wherever the hell he came from? No, because Obama has ordered that deportations cease. So he will do a few years in prison, pumping iron and hanging out in the yard with his homeys, watching color TV in the day room with cable like most Americans can’t afford anymore, and then he’ll be back out cruising the streets of Philly again.

Joyce Kenny will still be dead and a lot more American families will be devastated by Mexican drunk drivers until we replace the two-party system with a political party that doesn’t welcome Third World invaders.

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