Usual Suspects Spitting on Bus Drivers

bus spitter

by Jeff Davis

An article from CBS New York reports: “This crime was once considered rare: New York City bus drivers assaulted by people who spit on them. But it’s so commonplace today, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is considering a plan to collect saliva samples from the scene of each disgusting crime to catch the spitters.”

“It happened to bus driver Lesley Davis. She was attacked by a young woman rider who did not like being told to stand behind the line. ‘She would leave me a gift before she left the bus. She spit on me,’ Davis said. ‘I felt violated.’”

OK, first obvious questions: What race was this “young woman rider?” And what race was the driver? We are not told, and that right there is suggestive. I remember Blacks spitting on Whites in high school to show what they thought of us. The reality of Diversity is a far cry from how Spielberg or Hollywood portrays it.

The article notes “The MTA has confirmed incidents of spitting on transit workers, usually on buses but also on trains, are happening about 14 times every month. The MTA is considering a DNA initiative, patterned after one in Boston, with every driver getting a kit to collect samples.”

“…After the sample goes to the lab, the results can be run through a database of convicted felons. Or if a suspect is found some other way, a DNA match can send the spitter to the slammer.”

If a culprit has HIV or Herpes, each spitting incident would be a felonious assault. Police who get spit on by suspects take such incidents very seriously. Unfortunately, this is just one more disgusting problem that civilized people must suffer if they live side-by-side with Negroes.

The article goes on “MTA workers said they want the new shields, cameras and the DNA, all of it to lick this sickening crime pattern and make their jobs safer. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office is pushing for the plan, and confirmed that the samples would be handled by the same labs that test DNA in rape and murder cases. The DA’s spokesman said the additional cases would not overwhelm the system.”

This is about a problem which society has never yet learned to handle since we became all Politically Correct: How to control Negro behavior. The answer is “You can’t”. Most Blacks just naturally resent any sort of authority. Blacks were brought to America as slaves to do farm work and brutal slave drivers were necessary to keep them in line. Take away all threat of physical punishment, and you get the sort of behavior that we’ve all come to expect from them today.

Do you ever stop to think what this country is going to be like in 30 years? Don’t expect a White minority to be treated as kindly and gently as this nation has treated the Blacks. Most likely, the property and bank accounts of White people will be taxed away to provide more government services for the Blacks. After all, taxes have been going up relentlessly in most states, especially property taxes, with no end in sight. It’s happening already!

If any liberal or moderate stumbled across this article and is protesting “You don’t know who’s doing this.” Well, it took all of ten seconds to find a youtube video showing one of our “equals” arguing with and spitting on a bus driver. (Caution typical language for a street Negro.)

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