The Man-Cession


by Jeff Davis

The gender wage gap “injustice” is largely a manufactured crisis. In high tech fields, women are often sought after to appease government quotas and get starting salaries higher than men. The liberal media has been constantly obsessed with the average salary of women being lower than that of men. Well, certain professions, that women flock to, like school teachers and waitresses, are going to be paid less than other more difficult professions like auto mechanics, plumbers and engineers, where women make up a small minority. Many women choose to be full time mothers for their small children, which is completely natural, but many liberals look down on that; they want women to feel guilty if they aren’t slaving away in the cubicle world.

Curiously, there is very little mention of the “Man-cession.” One in six men aged 25 to 54 is not working, but the mainstream media doesn’t see it to focus on this. Perhaps they don’t want to embarrass the blundering incompetent mulatto they installed as president.

The National Center for Policy Analysis reports: “More than one in six men between the ages of 25 and 54 is unemployed. More than 10 million men ages 25 to 54 do not have jobs today, a function of the slow economy as well as technology and globalization.”

“In the early 1970s, 6 percent of American men 25 to 54 were unemployed. By the end of 2007, 13 percent were out of work. In 2009 at the peak of the recession, almost 20 percent of American men were without jobs. In December 2013, that figure was at 17 percent. Two thirds of these men reported that they were not looking for work, which means that they are not labeled as ‘unemployed’ in official unemployment statistics.”

Out here in the real world, we all know full well who really has “privilege”. White males are discriminated against in every conceivable fashion. Many middle age men resort to contract work, stringing along one temporary job after another, but often with long bouts of unemployment between jobs.

In the 1960s, the average White husband was able to buy a house and support his family on his salary alone. White women were able to be full time mothers. The entry of millions of women into the work force beginning in the 1970s thanks to feminism resulted in an over-supply of labor and real wages dropped. Add to that millions of illegal aliens further competing for jobs, a flood of H1B Indian and Pakistani tech workers let in by treasonous politicians and ever-increasing taxes to pay for all the Blacks on welfare. All this has contributed to our current situation in which families need two wage earners to have the same financial situation as the working White Dad of the 1960s.

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