White Guilt Trip Goes on


by Jeff Davis

An article in the National Review reports: “The University of Wisconsin–Superior became the latest school to join the Unfair Campaign, which looks to bring attention to the ‘unfairness’ of being white. The campaign’s slogan is ‘It’s hard to see racism when you’re white’ and claims that ‘society was set up for us.’”

“A UWS spokeswoman told Campus Reform that the university is sponsoring the campaign because it is an ‘opportunity on our campus to talk about all privilege and to create conversation’ as well as to ‘learn and to grow together.’”

“The university is planning to hold events with the Unfair Campaign and have professors discuss the project. Last year, the University of Minnesota Duluth, which is less than ten miles away from UWS, dropped its sponsorship of the Unfair Campaign, saying that it was divisive and alienating to the student body.”

Oh really? Telling a group of students that they are wicked and should be ashamed because of the color of their skin, how could that possibly be divisive and alienating?

By the way, White people have been last in line for jobs, promotions and entry into colleges for the last 40 years thanks to racial quota laws and Affirmative Action. Two generations of White people have been second class citizens, and apparently that is not enough. We’re supposed to be continually seeking forgiveness from and kow-towing to all the minorities, who have been stealing jobs from better qualified Whites.

The article goes on “Interestingly, other institutions in the Duluth/Superior metro area are also involved with the Unfair Campaign, including Lake Superior College, the City of Duluth mayor’s office Human Rights Commission and American Indian Commission, St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services, and several area churches.”

White people need to stand up to all this left-wing activism and “reverse discrimination”. Do White people really want their children and grandchildren to be second class citizens in the country, where they were born? It is long overdue that we point the finger of blame at the despicable trolls in the left-wing and the Zionist criminals, who created these anti-White quotas. If we continue to quietly and meekly go along with the present anti-White system, our lot will never improve. We need to clean out from politics all the liberals, sick degenerates and the gutless submissive fake opposition party, which has been complicit in waging a war on White people.

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