Income Inequality Is Genetic


by Ian Mosley

For those of you who haven’t noticed, “income equality” is the latest shibboleth which basically translates to “Let the Democrat party redistribute the White people’s wealth to Blacks and Browns.”

The following article is actually a blog post, but it seems to be enraging the ruling party and their media.

The article begins “How much income inequality is explained by varying parental resources?”

“When people think about inequality of incomes, a key issue is inequality of opportunity. Some people are born to rich parents who can afford private schools, summer camp, SAT tutors, etc., while others have poorer parents who cannot easily afford such things. One might wonder how much of the income inequality we observe can be explained by differences in the resources that people get because of varying parental incomes.”

“Let me suggest a rough calculation that gives an approximate answer…”

“I would be willing venture a guess, based on adoption studies, that a lot of that 9 percent is genetics rather than environment. That is, talented parents have talented kids partly because of good genes…”

“The bottom line: Even a highly successful policy intervention that neutralized the effects of differing parental incomes would reduce the gap between rich and poor by only about 2 percent….”

“(T)he calculations above do suggest that all the money the affluent spend on private schools, etc., explains only a tiny fraction of the income inequality that we observe.”

White taxpayers have been forced to throw incredible amounts of tax money at educating Blacks, Latinos and other Third World children. Do their home countries spend that much money trying to educate them? Of course not. They don’t have that kind of money to throw away and even if they did, they would recognize their own limitations and limit education for most of their children to learning how to read and how to do basic math.

The average American Black has an IQ of 85. The average Latino has an IQ of 87. It’s pointless to put people with IQs that low through 12 years of education. It’s literally money wasted. Even more troubling is the thought of people with IQs that low replacing White people in all levels of government bureaucracy. Eric Holder and Barack Obama are glaring examples of what happens when quota-hires get over-promoted. Just think of “Fast and Furious” or one hundred million Americans losing their old health care coverage thanks to ObamaCare.

The drop out rate at the Los Angeles Unified School District according to Mayor Villaraigosa is 60 percent, suggesting that the minorities themselves think the full twelve years of education is a waste for them.

The US public school system was designed for White children with average IQs of 100.

It’s hard to argue issues like this with liberals because they refuse to admit basic facts. Blacks have tested 15 points lower than Whites for over 100 years on standardized IQ tests on average. This Black-White IQ gap was well-known as recently as the 1950s, but politicians and the mainstream media are too dishonest and/or cowardly to talk honestly about racial differences.

If over 40 years of special preferences for Blacks –known as racial quotas or Affirmative Action– could not raise up Blacks to the same level as Whites, nothing can. In fact, racial quotas and Affirmative Action were always meant to be wealth redistribution to Blacks and Browns by stealing college entry slots, jobs and promotions from better qualified White people. Trillions of dollars of have likely been redistributed over the last 40 years, but only websites like this one see fit to complain about this massive and continued theft of wealth from White people by order of the anti-White federal government.

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