TREASON!!! US Senate Votes for Thinly-Veiled Amnesty Bill!!

New Amnesty Traitors 2013

by James Buchanan

In the greatest act of treason against the American people since the passage of NAFTA and GATT, the US Senate in June of 2013 voted for S.B. 744, a thinly-veiled Amnesty Bill for 22 million illegal aliens, which will lead to “chain migration” Amnesty for possibly 46 million people. A Yahoo News article reports “A bill that would overhaul the nation’s immigration system passed with bipartisan support in the Senate Thursday, but some of the top Republican leaders in the House say they haven’t bothered to find out what’s in it. In an exclusive interview with Yahoo News Thursday evening, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said he’s not aware of the details in the Senate version of the immigration bill and reiterated that the House would move ahead with its own approach. ‘I can’t tell you what’s in that big Senate bill, and the well over 1,000 or 1,500 pages that it may be, and that’s my concern,’ Cantor told Yahoo News. ‘I don’t know if you could ask a lot of the senators what’s in that bill….’”

So the traitors and buffoons in the Senate chose to vote for a bill that could destroy the US as we know it without bothering to read the details. When the “Treason Treaties” NAFTA and GATT were proposed, patriots warned that millions of manufacturing jobs would be outsourced if those treaties were endorsed. Both NAFTA and GATT were approved by the Senate, and over eight million manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to the Third World. Over 80 percent of Americans opposed NAFTA and GATT, but “our” Senators turned a deaf ear to the American public and whored themselves out to special interests, who made billions by outsourcing millions of American jobs. We not only need to vote the latest Amnesty Traitors out of office, we need to criminally investigate these scoundrels to find out what bribery or coercion caused them to betray their constituency, which overwhelmingly opposes these bills. Perhaps laws that criminalize voting against the will of the vast majority of the people need to be imposed on our so-called representatives.

An article from the Daily Caller notes “Critics of the Democrat-led immigration rewrite are bombarding Senate offices with thousands of phone calls, and advocates say those calls are keeping numerous wayward GOP Senators from joining the Democrats’ immigration bill. ‘Five hundred [calls] yesterday, and right now, they’re just ringing non-stop,’ said an upset staffer at the office of Mississippi Republican Sen. Roger Wicker, who has voted on both sides of the dispute.”

During the debate over the 2007 McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill, Senators were similarly getting several hundred phone calls against that bill for every phone call for it. Senators are supposed to represent their constituency and to do what’s best for their state. Supporting Amnesty does neither. Supporting Amnesty allows millions of illegal aliens to compete for jobs at a time when 48 million Americans are still on food stamps and the US economy is dragging along teetering on the brink of a financial collapse.

The vast majority of the illegal alien population in the United States is made of poor, needy people from Mexico or Central America. The US already has a large population of people, who should be doing construction, fruit-picking jobs and a variety of low-wage jobs, but who stay on welfare instead. We need to be reforming welfare so that more people get off welfare and do something useful for society, not doubling the size of the poverty class. The proposed 46 million new citizens from Central America will take much more in government services than they will pay for with their taxes, creating a massive tax burden for the rest of society.

We are now facing a desperate battle to kill this Amnesty Bill in the House. The Amnesty Bill appeared to be dead for a while, but there is a new rumor almost every day of Boehner losing his nerve or more Republicans selling us out on this issue. Every patriotic American needs to call his House Representative and demand that any Amnesty Bill be voted down. Tell them that you don’t want “immigration reform.” Tell them that the old immigration law that says illegal aliens should be deported is just fine with you, and tell them that they should be impeaching Barack Obama, who has openly refused to enforce immigration law as he is required to do as part of his job. You can contact your House Representative here.

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