Black Woman Arrested for 397th Time


by Jeff Davis

Anyone in touch with the real world knows that crime is rampant any place where ordinary Blacks congregate. If you leave a paper bag or box on your passenger seat and park in an average Black neighborhood, it’s fairly certain, a Black will break your car window to see what’s in the box or bag.

Here’s a story of a Black woman, who’s a one person crime wave. A CBS news article reports: “Last month on the train ride home from prison, Shermaine Miles said she was done with booze — done with the old life of petty crime, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting. Old habits apparently die hard. The woman who has racked up a near-record 396 arrests picked up one more this week when she was hauled off an Edgewater street for a host of alleged offenses, including misdemeanor battery, theft, reckless conduct and drinking in public.”

“Miles, 52, was due to appear at the George Leighton courthouse at 26th and California Friday, police said. ‘It’s sad,’ remarked Ald. James Cappleman (46th), a Miles victim in August 2012.”

No, it’s not sad; it’s completely predictable. The only thing “sad” is that White businesses and individuals will continue to have their stuff stolen by this woman whom the authorities keep letting out of prison.

The article continues “After her release from Logan Correctional Center in Downstate Lincoln Nov. 18, Miles headed to Humboldt Park to a second-chance residential home for ex-inmates. At the time, Miles — whose arrests have mostly occurred on the North Side — said she planned to quit drinking for good and stay away from her drinking buddies on the North Side. But the Edgewater business community — which dreaded Miles’ return — began seeing her in her old haunts earlier this month.”

“(Miles) was arrested Wednesday after allegedly being identified as the woman who approached a 63-year-old man in the 5600 block of North Winthrop and stole a set of keys from him, police said. Miles was found nearby, drinking and ‘engaging in a physical altercation with a male companion,’ police said.”

Normally it’s young Black males aged 10 to 30 who commit most of the petty theft crimes, but even a Black granny can be bad news. The White people of the South segregated Whites from Blacks to keep White women and children safe from violent Black crime, but they also protected themselves from the endless petty theft and vandalism that one can expect from ordinary Blacks.

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