Another Fake Hate Crime

crying wolf

by Jeff Davis

A CBS news article reports: “A minister at a Virginia church faces charges of setting his house and car in Chesterfield County on fire.

“Chesterfield County police had investigated the fires as a possible hate crime because a racial slur had been painted on the house. Police believe 41-year-old Olander D. Cuthrell, who is black, painted the slurs on his home before he set it on fire.”

“Police charged Cuthrell on Tuesday with two felony arson counts following a joint investigation with the FBI.”

It sounds like an insurance scam disguised as a fake hate crime.

One of the great unspoken secrets of this society is that many so-called “hate crimes,” possibly the majority, are hoaxes perpetrated by the alleged victims themselves either to gain sympathy or financial advantage. Needless to say, the original “hate crime” story gets front page coverage and the retraction will be on page 20.

Imagine how much better things would be if we didn’t have racial minorities in America: No Affirmative Action. No racial quotas. No race problems. No ruined neighborhoods too dangerous for Whites to enter. No ruined public schools too dangerous for White children to attend. No need to tiptoe around the sensitivities of minorities and no more fake hate crimes either.

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