Duck Dynasty and the Oppression of Christians on Cable TV

Duck Dynasty

by James Buchanan

Duck Dynasty, a hugely popular cable show on A&E about a family making duck calls in Louisiana which has had a viewership approaching five million, just had its family patriarch, Phil Robertson removed from the show for merely stating his religious beliefs about homosexuals.

Apparently forcing everyone in America to accept homosexuals is such a top priority for the Jewish entertainment media, that they’re willing to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs for them. Phil Robertson had the audacity to note that homosexuality and bestiality are sins (Leviticus 18). The executives at A&E have decided to fire Mr. Robertson for his religious beliefs.

A facebook page calling for a boycott of A&E until it puts Phil Robertson back into Duck Dynasty has gotten 1.7 million “likes” in just two days. Considering that A&E is lucky to get 1.7 million viewers at any particular time, the boycott could definitely devastate their ratings. The rest of the cast of Duck Dynasty has announced that they will not go on with the show while Phil Robertson is pulled from the show.

If anyone has any doubt that anti-White, anti-Christian individuals are controlling our entertainment industry, just remember Duck Dynasty, where the Jews wouldn’t tolerate the occasional pro-God remark from Phil Robertson.

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