The AR-15, America’s Favorite Gun


by Jeff Davis

One American fad from the 1960s has survived bell-bottom jeans, sideburns, and flower-painted Volkswagen vans. It’s the AR-15 .223 (civilian) rifle, the semi auto version of the 5.56mm (military) M-16.

An NBC News article reports: “It has become one of the most popular — and one of the most infamous — weapons in American history. The Colt AR-15, often known as the assault rifle, has captured the imagination of gun enthusiasts who are drawn to its sleek form, portability and ease of use, as well as a mystique born of its connection to the M-16, its combat cousin from the Vietnam War.”

“Part of the appeal of the firearm stems, as one gun aficionado told NBC News, from the ability to ‘accessorize it like a Barbie doll,’ given extras like interchangeable optics systems and gun barrels. Its military pedigree and appeal to hobbyists has helped spur sales of 5 million AR-15s in the last two decades, with most of those buys coming in just the past six years. According to industry figures, nearly one of five guns sold in the U.S. is now a semi-automatic AR-15-style rifle.”

“Yet the AR-15-style rifle has also been used in many of the mass shootings that have stunned the nation.”

Automobiles have been used by lunatics to occasionally run over crowds of people or cheating husbands so why don’t the liberals demand that they be banned too.

The liberals typically hit back with the assertion that no one really needs a gun. Well, you don’t need a gun until a burglar knocks in a rear window and breaks into your house. The liberals also like to say that an AR15 is too much firepower. Well why do many police need them in their police cars? The truth is if a crook is breaking in through a window, you want a semi-auto rifle with a 30 round magazine to deal with him. You don’t want a mere 9mm pistol. The burglar probably has one of those. You want weapons superiority.

Then there’s the issue of a looming tyranny. When someone wants to disarm you, they intend to do you harm. Barack Hussein Obama wants to disarm you. What harm does he intend to do to you and your family? How much of your wealth, property and Rights does he want to deprive you of? Obama has already taken away health care from 5.6 million Americans. It will only get worse from there.

Whatever the reason is, if you’re foolish enough to voluntarily surrender your weapons, you deserve nothing but slavery, agony and death. It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

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