Liberal News Media Becoming Irrelevant

Liberal Media

by Jeff Davis

The liberal news media is losing it …literally.

An article from Newsbusters reports: “It’s been a tough year for the liberal cable news outlets. Data released Tuesday show CNN shedding 48 percent of total viewers since last November and MSNBC dropping 45 percent.”

Holey moley! These two admittedly atrocious networks have both lost almost half their viewers in one year? This is extremely good news. Liberal lies are much less effective if only half of their previous audience hears them.

The article notes “The numbers were even worse in the all important demographic of people aged 25 to 54 as CNN’s ratings dropped 59 percent and MSNBC’s 52 percent…”

“However, Fox News didn’t see anything close to these losses. In total day, FNC is only down 18 percent since last November and 30 percent in the demo. As you might imagine, prime time numbers were also down.”

Given that we are now five years into the Obama Depression, another contributing factor could be that millions of people have had to give up their cable or satellite TV. Of course anyone in the ranks of the long-term unemployed is probably pretty sick of hearing liberal pundits go on about how “great” Obama is.

The article goes on “CNN was off 54 percent in total viewers and 62 percent in the demo. MSNBC declined 50 percent in total prime time viewers and 57 percent in the demo…”

“As such, no matter how you slice it, the liberal cable networks fared much worse in the past twelve months than their far more centrist competitor.”

Well, that’s a phenomenon observed in all socialist societies. People get so sick of hearing nothing but official government propaganda on the news that they simply switch off.

One thing they fail to mention is the growth of the alternate news media. Many Americans visit websites like the Drudge Report, and the Blaze. The year 2012 had the Drudge Report’s best ratings with 11 billion views for the year!

If a liberal lies in the woods and no one is around to hear it, the lie is completely ineffective.

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