Australian Baseball Player Murdered in Oklahoma by “Bored” Black Teens


by Ian Mosley

A young White man, a professional baseball player from Melbourne, Australia, was brutally murdered by two Blacks. If it weren’t for the intrepid Matt Drudge linking to the story, few in the US would even know about this story.

The Herald Sun reports: “AN Oklahoma court has been told how one of the boys accused of murdering Melbourne baseballer Chris Lane danced and laughed as he was being taken into a police station to be charged. James Edwards, 15, was treating the murder as a joke, District Attorney Jason Hicks told a hearing in the town of Duncan on Tuesday.”

“Mr Hicks told the court that Edwards has previously been in contact with police, and that he had an attitude of total disregard for law enforcement when he was being charged over Lane’s death. ‘He thinks it’s funny, and it’s all a joke,’ Mr Hicks said. ‘I believe he is a threat to the community.’ ”

How about downright psychotic?!!

The article notes “Mr Hicks said outside court that Edwards was also “cold and callous” at the police station.”

“Edwards and Chancey Luna, 16, were charged with first degree murder. Mr Hicks said that Luna had refused to cooperate with police. They were both refused bail. Michael Jones, 17, was charged with using a vehicle to facilitate the discharge of a weapon and accessory after the fact of murder in the first degree.”

“Bail for Jones, who is assisting prosecutors and police, was set at $US1 million ($A1.1 million). The three will be tried as adults. They were dressed in orange prison jumpsuits and had their legs shackled during the brief appearance in Stephens County Courthouse.”

“The court was told that the three boys spotted Lane, 22, jogging along a road in Duncan on Friday. They got into a car driven by Jones, drove behind Lane and then Luna shot him with (a) .22 calibre revolver in the back, the court was told. Edwards and Luna did not show any emotion, but Jones broke down in tears after Mr Hicks said he was looking at a ‘very, very lengthy prison sentence.’ ”

How many totally senseless murders like this have been committed? The Jewish media brainwashes Blacks to hate White people. Instead of telling Blacks how much White people pay to support them through various government programs, the Jewish news and entertainment media teach Blacks to hate and resent White people, and senseless murders and brutal beatings result. Look at the way the Jewish media distorted the facts of the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case. Dozens -if not hundreds- of White people all across America have been viciously attacked in retaliation for a mixed-race Latino (Zimmerman) shooting a violent Black thug in self defense.

These brutal attacks and senseless murders won’t stop until the races are separated. White people need to ask themselves “Is having Diversity really worth all the brutal beatings, murders and rapes of White people committed by Blacks or are we better off with an all-White nation?”

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