British Getting Taxed out of their Homes

by Ian Mosley

The U. K. Independent reports: “More than 50,000 people affected by the so-called bedroom tax have fallen behind on rent and face eviction, figures given to The Independent show. The statistics reveal the scale of debt created by the Government’s under-occupancy charge, as one council house tenant in three has been pushed into rent arrears since it was introduced in April. Figures provided by 114 local authorities across Britain after Freedom of Information (FoI) requests by the campaign group False Economy show the impact of the bedroom tax over its first four months. The total number of affected council tenants across Britain is likely to be much higher than the 50,000 recorded in the sample of local authorities that responded to the FoI.”

Britain has a housing shortage, which is partly addressed with government housing for the poor and lower working class. Many people who get into this housing wind up living there for their entire lives. This system worked reasonably well up until recent decades when a massive flood of Third World poor invaded England. Instead of deporting the Third World poor, many of whom are unemployed and some of whom have jobs that should go to unemployed Whites, the government appears determined to keep the Muslim and African invaders in the country, and this has led to the Bedroom Tax. This tax is a tax on unoccupied rooms in private homes.

There are several immediate problems with the Bedroom Tax. The people getting government housing are poor and can’t afford a big jump in their rent. Also, there aren’t enough two and one bedroom apartments available for Britons to move into so many have wound up staying in their old apartments and falling behind on their new higher rent. Then, there’s the issue of forcing a family to move out of a three bedroom apartment that they’ve lived in for decades and which they see as their home.

The Independent article continues: “At least another 30,000 people living in housing association properties have also fallen behind on rent payments since the bedroom tax came in, with potentially tens of thousands more also affected, according to separate research by the National Housing Federation.”

“Barrow in Cumbria was the worst-affected area, where more than three-quarters of all council-house tenants have fallen into arrears since the bedroom tax started. In Clackmannanshire, Tamworth and South Kesteven more than half of all affected households have fallen behind on their rent since the charge was introduced…”

“He asked where people should move to, highlighting research published by the Labour party earlier in the year that suggested there were not suitable alternative homes for 90 per cent of those affected by the bedroom tax.”

One reason there are no smaller units available is because Britain has become so overcrowded with millions of brown immigrants that they are literally pushing the native White people into the street. It is a small island and there are now simply too many people on it.

“The bedroom tax penalises tenants if they have a “spare” bedroom by reducing their housing benefit by up to 25 per cent. As emergency funds from councils dry up, experts warn the situation is expected to deteriorate further over the coming months. The latest revelations are a further blow for the policy after a judge ruled last week that those with a smaller extra room would be exempt from the charge.”

“A smaller survey published last night found that one household in four hit by the bedroom tax has been pushed into rent arrears for the first time. Just over half of the 63,578 tenants of 51 housing associations were unable to meet their rent payments in the first months of the new system, according to research by the National Housing Federation.”

“‘Only 16 of the 114 local authorities who responded to the FoI request have a ‘no-eviction’ policy, meaning many thousands of families risk losing their homes as a result of the bedroom tax.”

“Toni Bloomfield, 25, lives in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, with her partner, Paul Bolton, 42, and his four children. ‘I have to pay £98 extra a month since the bedroom tax came in,’ she said. ‘We’ve got a four-bedroom house and Paul’s four children, aged between two and eight, live with us. Before the school holidays we were struggling and now we’re nearly three months behind on rent. The children get free school meals and feeding them through the holidays was tough. Paul and I are only eating in the evenings two or three nights a week to make sure we can put enough food on the table. We’re not working, but not out of choice. Trying to find a full-time job here is a nightmare.’”

The bottom line is that there are limited resources and you can’t let millions of Third World people invade a White nation without causing shortages and massive problems. Even the United States is slowly learning this lesson as Congress will soon be voting on whether to cut $40 billion from the federal food stamp (SNAP) program because the number of people on food stamps has shot up from 31 million when Obama took office to 48 million today.

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